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intro to winter

The arrival of the winter snow transforms the Scottish hills into serious mountains that require specialist knowledge, skills and equipment. The reward for all that effort is well worth it though....nothing beats the feelings of exhilaration as you travel through the snow-cloaked landscape


If you've done some summer hillwalking and would like to learn the skills to head out in winter, then our "Intro to Winter" course is for you. Run as either a compact 2-day introduction, or as a full 5-day course, we will cover the following and more whilst out on the hill:


-Preparation: get your equipment, clothes and rucksack ready to cope with wind, snow and ice


-Avalanche Awareness-understanding the avalanche forecasts, and using the Be Avalanche Aware tool to stay safe


-Use of crampons and ice-axe, winter footwork


-Winter navigation including GPS tools


-What to do in an emergency