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avalanche awareness

The winter mountains are beautiful, but that cloak of snow brings a new danger: avalanche. Snow science and avalanche forecasting are huge subjects that can seem really daunting....the key is distilling down to what is important to allow you to make good decisions and stay as safe as possible. So on these courses we won't be digging lots and lots of snow pits, or spending lots of time looking at snow crystals, but instead we'll focus on safe travel through the winter hills. Although obviously the basis for this course is the Scottish winter, lots of the skills are readily transferable to other mountain ranges. Equally, although we run this course on foot, we can tailor the information to suit your aspirations, whether it be for walking, climbing, ski-touring or snowshoeing. Things we'll cover include:


-The Be Avalanche Aware system


-Understanding avalanche & weather forecasts


-Types of avalanche & what needs to happen for an avalance to trigger


-What is "safe terrain" and how to spot dangerous "terrain traps"


-Planning a safe day in light of the forecasts


-Gathering clues when on the mountain


-Basic snow pits to look at the snowpack history and compare with

the forecast


-Use of Transceiver, Shovel and Probe (TSP) to effect a companion rescue


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